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    A vulnerability was discovered in ImageMagick where a specially created SVG file loads itself and causes a segmentation fault. This flaw allows a remote attacker to pass a specially crafted SVG file that leads to a segmentation fault, generating many trash files in "/tmp," resulting in a denial of service. When ImageMagick crashes, it generates a lot of trash files. These trash files can be large if the SVG file contains many render actions. In a denial of service attack, if a remote attacker uploads an SVG file of size t, ImageMagick generates files of size 103*t. If an attacker uploads a 100M SVG, the server will generate about 10G. Publish Date : 2023-03-23

SVG ファイルを読み込む事でセグフォを起こす。SVG ファイルの103倍のメモリを使う。例えば 10MB の SVG でサーバに 10GB のファイルが /tmp に生成され、ゴミファイルが溜まり DoS 脆弱性になる。


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